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Doing my weekly rounds of telling y’all I gots a new personal blog and if you want them digits ..erm…username, please send me an ask. 


The Pilots Melancholy
by Dominik Smialowski

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EVEN ALL THE BAD THINGS THAT REVEAL what a poophead I am?! hmmmmm

 mockingbirdss said: haa just be like me/everyone else on tumblr and post all your sad feels and dramatic rants and then delete them 5 mins after and feel dumb about it.

Haha, no. That kind of thing doesn’t really suit me unless I’m being unreasonable and realize it only after rereading a silly rant of some sort. But there are other things where I’m even happy that feel too personal to share on a place like tumblr? Or maybe it is just that I feel I already have a set internet “persona” and don’t want to weird people out by shifting out of it!? I can’t say for sure….

Still debating on whether to even make a more private tumblr for personal posts or just throw caution to the wind and start being more personal on this space. I don’t think I could ever be fully open on this account though. And that is a problem. It is what keeps me from connecting from other tumblr users because I don’t let them get to know me outside of things I like to look at and occasionally humor. I don’t know! Just thinking at 2AM with a slight fever. 


watercolor floral tattoos

I need to find an LA artist who can do this kind of thing because WANT.

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Internet Queen ♛


Internet Queen ♛

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She came into my work wearing her glasses and I didn’t recognize her at first and then when I did I tried so hard not to lose all my shit. SUCH A CUTIE AAAH

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The final product of a tutorial I did for a friend’s class.



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cute cute cute!

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stayed up to make a big mess.

pen and acrylic.


Lyana. Definitely decided I like brush pens more than fine lined for inking. #art #doodles



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